A triumph!

Peter, It’s a triumph!!!

I got started on the book yesterday and have thoroughly enjoyed, empathised and experienced a damn good read that I could not put down.

I was already reminded of Herman Wouk before you mentioned “Don’t Stop the Carnival”. Gail and I read that in Grenada and that touched us both having owned and the Miller Howe Hotel in the Lake District for ten years on our own wild sojourn of naivety.

Yours provides a wealth of heros and villains and I hope allowed you to get a lot off your chest…..under the watchful eyes of the lawyer of course!!!

CHARLES GARSIDE – Jouralist & former hotelier

Double Delphi: The Rise and Fall of a Fisherman’s Fantasy

Double Delphi - The Rise and Fall of a Fisherman's Fantasy

Review by Garrett Fallon of FALLON’S ANGLER magazine

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Review by Michael Wigan in FIELDSPORTS magazine


Review in the IRISH TIMES

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Review in FISH AND FLY

Double Delphi by Peter Mantle


Extract published in TROUT & SALMON



“I must congratulate you on ‘Double Delphi’. It really is a wonderful read; a real page-turner of a book. The whole story from beginning to end was riveting; I simply could not put the book down. I learned more about Irish history than the Benedictines in Limerick ever taught me! The complexities of both Irish history and Irish life were beautifully laid out. Though I was aware of the salmon and sea trout problems over the years, I was greatly impressed by your commitment to trying to fix the disaster that it is. Delphi is, as you say, a truly special place which thanks to you and Jane so many of us have been able to experience and enjoy” RG, Ireland

Truly superb. Massively readable and just excellent!” RF, USA

 “A fine read, enjoyed it immensely.” GF, Ireland

 “I have just finished your book from cover to cover. It was a great read with great insight into the industry. I was fascinated by the behind the scenes details and the challenges you have been through. I imagine it was quite a cleansing experience for you to get it all down on paper.  The book reflects, for the record, your passion, enthusiasm and love for both Delphis.” WS, USA

“A great story, well told.” SL, USA 

“I have read your book from cover to cover and what a ‘gem’ it is!  Many congratulations, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all your endeavors with all their ups and downs.  You and Jane have achieved a tremendous amount with the establishment of the two Delphis and they will stand as testaments to all your hard work”. BC, Ireland

“Your book is a great read. Read it at one sitting and was left wanting more…” RH, USA

“First things first, this is an absolutely great book. The work that has gone into editing/proofing etc. really shines through; it’s easy to read and without any amateurish errors which break the flow. It’s also a genuinely gripping story – a real page-turner without a dull moment. I was both fascinated and horrified in equal measure to hear how the denouement played out. So, read no further without lodging in your mind that this is a 5* review of a book read cover-to-cover in a single day (when I really, really should have been working or sleeping)! The story is fantastic (in both senses of the word). I can hardly believe you had the balls to do it, and then had the balls to continue when you could have escaped. Lucky for us, of course, that you did – my memories of Delphi… will be with me for a lifetime, and like many other visitors we owe a huge debt of gratitude to you for providing the substrate on which it all operated. Anyway, enough nauseating toadying…” OW, England

“Your beautiful Double Delphi arrived several days ago. Congratulations!  What an amazing saga and I am only on page 43. So many thanks for sharing your fascinating and courageous adventure.” BC, USA

“Congratulations. Wonderful read. Given the book at breakfast yesterday and just finished it – despite having to entertain last night.” MS, Northern Ireland

“The book was a sheer delight.’ JF, England

“Wow! What to say… lost for words. Wow! Haven’t even had my cup of tea yet, let alone my porridge – unable to put it down.” GL, Ireland

“LOVE the book!” FD, England

“A great read and beautifully presented” LM, England

“I have just read your excellent book in more or less one sitting! The only other book that received the same accolade was Mikey Wigan’s book on The Salmon. Yours was hugely informative and filled in many gaps in my knowledge with regard to sea trout and the West of Ireland in general.” GF, Ireland

“Enjoyed the book enormously and read it at one sitting.” RD, Ireland

“It’s a triumph! I got started on the book yesterday and have thoroughly enjoyed, empathised and experienced a damn good read that I could not put down” CG, England.

“I wanted to say how enormously I am enjoying your superb book. I started it about a week ago and am about a third of the way through. It is beautifully written and a most handsome volume in every way. It will take an important place in my not inconsiderable fishing library. Congratulations on a wonderful achievement.” DN, Scotland

“You have written a wonderful book; it is beautifully presented and it brings back many memories. What a triumph!… This is a tremendous work – it will become a fishing classic, I’m sure.” RW, Scotland

“I cannot recall the last time I read a book in pretty much one go. Well done – a compelling read and thoroughly enjoyable” WH, Ireland

“Double Delphi is a cracking good read and all the more so from an insider’s point of view. So atmospheric! It captures, or recaptures, what was Delphi in those never to be forgotten days, and conjures up what Yeats called fond ‘pictures in the mind’.  Wonderful!” WB, Northern Ireland

 “I’ve already read the first few chapters and I’m absolutely loving it.  You’re a really strong writer, capturing superbly the descriptions and detail of scenes along with the wry observations that make your voice stand out.” DW, Ireland

 I loved the book. It is such a good read. He has a wonderful turn of phrase”, MN, Ireland

 “Never put it down but to sleep.” SW, USA

 “I loved your book, rate it very highly, and have despatched copies to friends and enemies. I was a bit glum on the tube yesterday but was cheered up by page 260 (Lou tackling the septics) and laughed so loud and for so long that several passengers looked genuinely alarmed. I want to congratulate you. Bravo.” TK, England

“I’ve just finished reading your book, with my springer spaniel at my feet and a decent bottle of claret almost dispatched. May I congratulate you on a warm and engaging piece of writing.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought that I would drop you a line to express my admiration”.  TB, Northern Ireland

“The game fishing season is once again drawing to a close, leaving at least some anglers with withdrawal symptoms, myself included.  I have a remedy.  Peter Mantle has very recently written a splendid book, ‘Double Delphi.  The Rise and Fall of a Fisherman’s Fantasy’.  It is a quite delightful romp through the two Delphis, in Connemara and the Bahamas, both of which I have been lucky enough to fish several times.  Peter’s light touch, wit, erudition and journalistic background shines through the pages as he trips through a thousand anecdotes of happenings on both sides of the Atlantic.   This is not a dry book about breaking strains, rod construction and fly-tying techniques, but a magical one about the true spirit of fishing, the people who fish and the stories they generate.  As a doctor, I would happily prescribe it.  I suggest 2 chapters a day after meals.  The only side effect I’ve come across is enduring mirth.  The efficacy of this therapy is guaranteed, not something I can say about any other treatments I’ve delivered over the years.” CJ, England