“An outstanding read… fizzingly entertaining… This book, full of tales both scandalous and bibulous, written with considerable verve and very well produced by Wallop Books, has been some years in the making but the wait has been well worth it.” Tom Fort, GAMEFISHER

“How can a book about running a fishing lodge be so engrossing? I loved it!… It makes very easy reading, yet pulls no punches… If you ever hankered to run a fishing lodge, this book is the good health guide you need to read.” Paul Welling, FLYFISHERS’ JOURNAL

“A belting yarn. Order this for Christmas and your evenings over the festive period are sorted… There are times when it reads more like a thriller than a fishing book”. Jeffrey Prest, TROUT FISHERMAN

“This is a glorious kiss-and-tell of what went on behind the scenes of a magical place… I loved this book, more than I have loved many… It is a hefty tome, well designed, with fantastic photography, and oozes quality… And there are moments when the quality of his prose makes you pause…. You must read it.” Garrett Fallon, FALLON’S ANGLER

“It is a topsy-turvy story, breezily told, lightened with self-deprecation, deftly decorated with the telling phrase. The book is beautifully illustrated. Fishermen might read along and step back in astonishment at this specimen of their own kind.” Michael Wigan, FIELDSPORTS

“This is a thoroughly enjoyable, even essential, read. And it is an eye-opener in particular for anyone contemplating a similar venture!” John Batter, CLASSIC ANGLING

“This is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in recent years.” Derek Evans, IRISH TIMES

“Fantastic book… Truly great writing… I highly recommend it!” Alex Ford, AMBERJACK JOURNAL

“A great fishing memoir, but it’s more than that. It’s about lessons for us all. For daring to dream but then dealing with the realities that life throws at you… His larger-than-life persona, wit and humour shines through the pages.” Daire Whelan, IRELAND ON FLY

“Once in a while a book comes along that you just want to keep on reading. This for me was Double Delphi.” Paul Sharman, FISH AND FLY

 “Reading Peter Mantle’s excellent book over this rather dismal winter certainly brought back some hugely enjoyable experiences in vivid detail”. John Todd, IRISH NEWS

“A gem of a book. I absolutely loved it.”  Sandy Leventon, former editor TROUT & SALMON

“Enormously entertaining and well-written… absorbing. The writing is also crisp and alive… He held me captive with his words for more than 250 pages.” Don Causey, THE ANGLING REPORT